Head's Welcome

A Warm Welcome to Huxlow

At Huxlow we believe that students who are happy, feel safe and are taught well will enjoy school and as a result be successful.

We are passionate about caring for our students, ensuring that they are all known as individuals. Ofsted June 2016 stated that “everyone in the school puts pupil’s well-being at the centre of everything they do”.

Students are challenged to be as good as they possibly can be and supported to achieve this. Academic success is hugely important to us and we have a rich history of students of all abilities and from a wide variety of backgrounds achieving as well as they could.

However, schools are about far more than academic success and we believe that developing “The Whole Child” is one of our core responsibilities. In order to enjoy a successful adult life it is important that our students develop characteristics such as leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative, and communication.

I am hugely proud of our school and am happy to extend an invitation to all Parents/ Carers to come and visit us during the school day. Please contact us on enquiries@huxlow.northants.sch.uk and we will arrange a convenient time.

Mr S Gordon

Introduction to A level Graphics

LegoMen 1 1000x500px

As part of Year 12's introduction to A level Graphics students have made a set of Lego men characters. The project, whilst fun, has assisted students to understand material properties, workshop manufacturing processes and planning, independent reading of technical plans to construct a product as well as useful knowledge and understanding related to tools and equipment.

To conclude the project they have generated a set of staged photographs which gives a level of humour whilst providing an excellent record of achievement by the students.

LegoMen 4 1000x650px

LegoMen 5 1000x650px

LegoMen 2 1000x650px

LegoMen 3 1000x650px

LegoMen 6 1000x650px