Head's Welcome

A Warm Welcome to Huxlow

At Huxlow we believe that students who are happy, feel safe and are taught well will enjoy school and as a result be successful.

We are passionate about caring for our students, ensuring that they are all known as individuals. Ofsted June 2016 stated that “everyone in the school puts pupil’s well-being at the centre of everything they do”.

Students are challenged to be as good as they possibly can be and supported to achieve this. Academic success is hugely important to us and we have a rich history of students of all abilities and from a wide variety of backgrounds achieving as well as they could.

However, schools are about far more than academic success and we believe that developing “The Whole Child” is one of our core responsibilities. In order to enjoy a successful adult life it is important that our students develop characteristics such as leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative, and communication.

I am hugely proud of our school and am happy to extend an invitation to all Parents/ Carers to come and visit us during the school day. Please contact us on enquiries@huxlow.northants.sch.uk and we will arrange a convenient time.

Mr S Gordon


Our Goal: “At Huxlow every individual is empowered to fulfill their potential.”

The Computing curriculum at Huxlow contributes to this goal by equipping learners with the knowledge, skills and understanding to use IT effectively, to be a model digital citizen and to apply computational thinking in real-world situations.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage Three ​students receive 2 1-hour computing lessons every fortnight. The curriculum has three strands; Digital Literacy, Information Technology and Computer Science and is delivered through a series of 6-lesson projects with a focus on practical skills supporting the underlying theory.

To fulfill your potential at Key Stage Three you should:

  •  Engage fully with the work set in the lessons.
  •  Complete the supporting homework tasks (set every other lesson) carefully.
Key Stage 4

Key Stage Four​ students study for the OCR GCSE Computer Science qualification. The curriculum content is delivered in both practical and theory-based styles making it accessible to a wide range of students.

Our values: “Everyone is ambitious and welcomes the challenge of being the best they can.”

To fulfill your potential at Key Stage Four you should:

  • Engage fully with the work set in the lessons.
  • Read around your subject. For example, noting the news stories that relate to Computing and Information Technology.
  • Complete the supporting homework tasks (set weekly) carefully.

Assessment​ of the GCSE is through two final written exams completed in the summer of Year 11. Regular assessment during the course is therefore based on exam-style questions focused on the topic being studied at the time.

Key Stage 5

Key Stage Five​ students study for the OCR A Level Computer Science qualification. This course has a practical element as well as theory-based components and offers excellent progression from the topics studied in GCSE Computer Science.

To fulfill your potential at Key Stage Five you should:

  • Engage fully with the work set in the lessons.
  • Read around your subject and be curious about expanding your knowledge beyond the curriculum content.
  • Ensure your lesson notes are reviewed regularly and complete the supporting homework tasks (set as needed) carefully.

Computing at Huxlow

What can I do with a Computing Qualification?

There are many opportunities for employment and further/higher study with a computing qualification. Career opportunities include: IT support, web development, application/game development, cyber-security and telecommunications.
Enrichment opportunities​ are provided through the Digital Leaders programme where students can experiment with devices such as Raspberry Pis, Microbits and robotics. There are also opportunities to participate in national competitions and educational visits.

Department staff​ include; Mr P Morgan (Head of Computing), Mr A Turner and Mr A Meadowsmith.

Further information​ can be obtained by emailing p.morgan@huxlow.northants.sch.uk.