Head's Welcome

A Warm Welcome to Huxlow

My philosophy is very clear, 'if it is not good enough for my child, then it is not good enough for yours'.

At Huxlow we are committed to developing the whole child, and strive to ensure that every student’s experience is one where they feel Safe, Happy and experience Success.

School years should be the most memorable, and our aim is to offer a wealth of opportunities and experiences to ensure every student leaves enriched and equipped for life beyond Huxlow.

Each member of staff is committed to a common goal which is to ensure ‘every individual is empowered to fulfil their potential’. As well as an excellent academic provision student can expect high quality wellbeing support through out each Key Stage. Our most recent OFSTED recognised that “everyone in the school puts pupil’s well-being at the centre of everything they do”.

We are proud that as a result of their Huxlow experience and personal dedication, students are supported to achieve their goals and go on to a range of top Universities including Oxford and Cambridge, access competitive Apprenticeships and acquire sought after roles in the world of work. Mostly, we are proud that our students go on to be responsible young adults who are an asset to our community.

I am incredibly lucky to lead such a dedicated team of staff at Huxlow and to watch our students flourish, equipped for exciting futures, as a result of staff expertise and guidance.

Should you wish to find out more about Huxlow Science College, please contact us on enquiries@huxlow.northants.sch.uk

Best wishes

Mrs Kim Isaksen

Acting Head Teacher

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Pastoral Care

At Huxlow, each individual student matters. We have established a strong, caring and supportive framework to ensure all achieve their very best.

Form Teachers play the key role in the Huxlow pastoral system. They have daily contact with the children at registration in the morning. During the course of a year they are able to get to know each member of the form as an individual – to know their needs, interests, difficulties, hopes and aspirations. Each year group also has a Pastoral Leader, who oversees pastoral care. 

head of pastoral care/assistant headteacher - helene huchet

Year 7

Pastoral Leader - Miss C Pucel

7GRO - Miss G Roberts 

7SMO - Miss S Mott

7CWD - Miss C Woodward

7MDA - Mr M Davies

7JMU - Ms J Murphy

7LEL - Miss L Ellis

year 8

Pastoral Leader - Miss L Staley

8ATU - Mr A Turner

8AWH - Miss A Whitworth

8KSH - Miss K Shiner

8LDU - Miss L Dudley

8PMO - Mr P Morgan

8JSA - Miss J Samples

8RKR - Miss R Kirk


Pastoral Leader - Miss L Pollock

9AME - Mr A Meadowsmith

9RRU - Mrs R Runnells

9CMA - Miss C Maubert

9SDO - Miss S Donald

9DAS - Mr D Ashurst

YEAr 10

Pastoral Leader - Mr K Whiting

10VPE - Ms V Peverell

10SLE - Mr S Letts

10JCA - Mr J Cale

10MYE - Mr M Yewman

10EOT - Mr E Otchere


Pastoral Leader - Mrs L Lane

11MCO - Mr M Coutts

11SBR - Mr S Brewin

11RKI - Mr R King

11DGR - Mrs D Graham

11CDA - Miss C Darnbrook

YEAR 12 

DIREctor of post 16 learning and careers - Mrs J holmes

Head of 6th Form - Mr A O'Connor

12RFA - Miss R Facey

12AOC - Mr A O'Connor

12LVE - Mr L Venn

13JGR - Miss J Griffiths

13HDE - Miss H Dewdney

13MHA - Ms M Hayes

Together, the Pastoral Leaders, Form Teachers and Assistant Headteachers are responsible for the welfare and progression of students. They deal with any serious disciplinary problems and follow up issues relating to absence, sickness, lateness, uniform and homework.